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Jon Payne - My twin daughters started taking lessons at Ultimate Karate and Fitness a year and a half ago. My wife and I felt that that it would be good exercise for them, and they attended classes twice a week. After a month of training, my daughters decided that two classes were not enough, and asked that I take them five days a week. Since then, their strength, flexibility, behavior, and focus have increased dramatically. Before long, they asked to be trained to fight and perform in karate tournaments. Since their training started, they have always placed in either first or second in their division.

My daughters’ constant improvement is attributable to the outstanding staff at Ultimate Karate and Fitness. Their patience and understanding of each student’s individual needs is their key to success. I have attended all of my daughters’ classes for well over a year and recently decided to start taking lessons. This was a particularly difficult decision, considering I had undergone knee replacement surgery. The staff at Ultimate Karate and Fitness has developed a program suited for my particular needs. In the past four months, I have lost 15 pounds and gained strength and flexibility without injury.

Discover How Martial Arts Training At Ultimate Karate in Marietta, GA Can Change Your Life!

For thousands of years, people have been improving their lives through martial arts training. Learning martial arts is much more then mastering a set of physical moves you can use to defend yourself; it’s also about strengthening your mind, improving your overall health, and gaining important life values.

At Ultimate Karate and Fitness Martial Arts Academy of Marietta, Georgia, we offer the finest martial arts training in the best facilities in town. We welcome students of all ages—kids, teens, and adults—and of all skill levels. Boys and girls, men and women, our school caters to everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t throw a punch or you’ve been practicing martial arts for decades, our professional instructors can personalize your training to give you a challenging, rewarding experience.

Get Into Great Shape while Gaining the Necessary Tools to Protect Yourself

By practicing martial arts on a regular basis, you’ll start to see a transformation take place in your body. Each class is intense, so you’re burning calories and melting fat away. And you’re replacing that fat with sculpted muscle.

Our Karate program will help you:

  • Gain Strength
  • Improve your cardiovascular health
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Boost your stamina
  • Learn how do effectively defend yourself
  • Never be bullied again or fall victim to peer pressure

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or you’re just tired of your current workout routine, come check out Ultimate Karate and Fitness Martial Arts Academy. Our instructors are committed to helping every student succeed.

Call 678-560-4046 today to ask about our special enrollment offers.

Building A Stronger You From The Inside Out

We take a complete approach to martial arts training. Sure, you’ll learn how to strike and defend yourself, but that’s just the beginning. Our karate classes can help you:

  • Gain self-confidence
  • Become more disciplined
  • Improve your attitude
  • Ignite a passion to be your best self every day

This means you’re getting stronger from the inside out. With a strong body and a strong mind, nothing can stop you.

Great For Kids Too

Ultimate Karate and Fitness Martial Arts Academy offers classes for kids too. Our instructors are professionally trained to work with boys and girls of all skill levels. We’ll teach your kids important self-defense skills as well as the core values of karate, such as respecting each other, treating others with kindness, and always being honest.

Special Events

At Ultimate Karate and Fitness Martial Arts Academy of Marietta, Georgia we host family fun events all year round. Bar-b-ques, Picnics, Parent's Night Out, Bring-A-Buddy Night, Holiday Parties and month other fantastic social events.

Enroll Today To Change Your Life Forever

Take the first step to achieving better physical and mental fitness. Call 678-560-4046 today to ask about our special enrollment offers.

Alicia Gandhi - Four years ago my son, aged 4, started at Ultimate Karate and Fitness. Since he has been going, his ability to focus in school and his self-discipline has continued to get better and better. UKF provides not only great exercise and self-defense, they also build each students character. Self-control, confidence, self-discipline, focus, perseverance and respect are only a few of the ways kids can grow while attending classes at UKF. My son, now 8, will soon be testing for his solid brown belt. My daughter, now 6, started almost two years ago and I have seen the same positive growth with her as I did with her brother.

Last September I decided to jump in. Being overweight, 38 and developing health issues by being overweight, I knew I needed to do something. Since starting I have lost over 30 pounds and two pants sizes. Along with the weight loss and improvements in my health, I have more confidence, patience, less stress and I feel empowered to take on whatever comes my way. Karate challenges my mind and body so I am never bored. This is the first activity I have ever been interested in enough to keep coming back to.

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